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There are free websites and machines that will translate your text instantly word for word. But you've worked hard to make your book, company, product or service look its best and work as well as it can. You want to show it off in other languages, too. Why ruin your image with a poor-quality translation? To project a polished image to the world, with nothing lost in translation, trust a professional.

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Evaberry Ltd is a sole-proprietor translation company, providing quality services in translation into English from Finnish, Swedish and Spanish, as well as proofreading, editing and general language consulting in British English. Managing Director and translator Eva Malkki is a qualified professional translator with several years' experience (see CV). Evaberry Ltd operates in Siuntio, southern Finland, but welcomes customers from anywhere in the world. Your translation is just an email away!
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Pricing varies depending on the type, length and urgency of the job and the type of document supplied and delivered. Prices are usually calculated per word from the text to be translated.
  • Price range: EUR 0.18–0.22 per word
  • Hourly rate: EUR 50.00
  • 24% VAT applies to customers in Finland and private individuals abroad.
  • Additional weekend and overnight rates may apply.
To request a quote, please send the specifications of the job by email, not forgetting to state the length and desired delivery date.

For qualifications and examples of published texts, please see my CV or request a sample translation.
Business and finance
  • - annual and interim reports, press releases
  • - strategies and plans
  • - presentations
  • - articles of association
  • - strategies and reports
  • - speeches
  • - other official documents
  • - brochures
  • - websites
Tourism and travel
  • - guidebooks and brochures
  • - websites
  • - theses and abstracts
  • - curricula and education strategies
The arts
  • - exhibition and museum texts
  • - art history
  • - music, specialising in opera
Food and drink
  • - recipes and cookbooks
  • - menus
  • - wine and restaurant reviews
Books and magazines
  • - fiction and non-fiction
  • - articles and columns
Many more subjects are possible, so please ask!

Evaberry Ltd | VAT FI21676341 | Niittykyläntie 368, 02580 Siuntio, Finland | email | +358504629703